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The simple yet sophisticated way to get five figure tax deductions WITHOUT lying, cheating or under reporting your income EVEN IF you are making six figures

A little something to know about me…..

Hello, I am Vaishali. I actually got into this by accident – it wasn’t planned at all

I bought a home and stayed there for less than a year. I changed my job and had to move into a different town. Since, I just bought the home, I didn’t want to sell it. So, I ended up renting it out and since then it has been a rental property for me. 

For all the years down the road, I have learned a lot of valuable information about what it takes to own a rental property and how it can be an immense tax-saver – specially if you have high income.

Since you wanted more tax deductions…..

Now, you too can now discover how much more money you would keep in your pocket just by owning a rental property. Not to mention that once the house is paid off, it will continue to be a cash-producing income source for you with very little work on your part.

  • no lying, cheating or under-reporting your income

  • get real five-figure tax deductions to reduce your gross income

  • keep an extra chunk of your income in your pocket

  • establish an alternate income source yet pay less taxes

Show me the money……

Take a look at my rental property in Folsom, CA and a snap-shot of my tax returns from the tax year 2002.

rental property in Folsom, CA
2002 tax returns proof with rental property
2002 tax returns proof with rental property

All that jazz…….aka gain……

Think of all the things you can gain from having just this calculator itself 

  • pay less quarterly taxes for next year so that you can use the extra income for all those things you have your eye on but never got to buy them

  • pocket more income every month so that you can invest it to make even more

  • find out how much you can reduce your tax payments if you invest in a rental property

Does each tax season seem like deja vu?

Nothing will change until you decide to change things
Why not make this year the year to do it?

Unless, of course, you would rather wait until next year…

Oh wait…. didn’t you say that last year?
It’s time to ACT NOW….

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